About DietingA weight seemed to be a very huge problem with most of us. This is the reason why there are already what is called the “diet industry” because of the money that it’s able to generate out of people who’ll try everything just to be able to lose weight and maintain it. According to Dr. Rick Kausman, here are 5 lies that the diet industry wants us to believe:

1. It’s all about will power.

Contrary to the common belief that a person should have the right amount of willpower to be able to lose weight, Dr. Kausman says that it’s not true. He believes that willpower is what he calls, “a short-term skill” and that it won’t work for a goal like weight loss (or maintaining an ideal weight) that will need an entire lifetime to pursue.

2. Shame is not a motivation.

We see “The Big Loser” on TV and think that it’s a good idea to put these people on TV. Making them (and those people watching them) feel that being overweight is something to be ashamed of is definitely not right. Dr. Kausman explains that instead of making them feel that they’re less of a person because of their condition, they should learn about self-compassion. The kinder they are to themselves, the more will they take care of it and start to finally live a healthy lifestyle, for themselves and not to please other people.

3. Health professionals are the best person to go for weight loss advice.
Maybe all of us believe that doctors may have all the answers when it comes to things that concern our body. But Dr. Kausman disagree with this belief saying that they may be experts in their areas of practice but that doesn’t prove that they are already experts in the psychology of eating and weight management. According to him, dieticians, doctors and psychologists are still poorly equipped to be able to entirely and effectively support a person who would come up to them and say that he needs help about their weight management.

4. The weight loss industry is the answer to all kinds of weight problems.
Dr. Kausman believes that the diet industry doesn’t really want to help because if they really do think there wouldn’t be any obese person in the world. The truth is that this industry is more concerned about making money and not in making their consumers lose weight. The fact that this industry is offering their consumers their lifetime support, by continuing About Dieting1research and development of better products (as they would put it), is already a sign that their products just doesn’t work wonders, and that you’ll have to spend money on them all your life (and they’ll be more than glad to get it).
Actually, he’s not alone in this. One article in the 2007 edition of the American Psychologist shows a review that they made about 31 people, who are on weight loss programs. Their study revealed that most of the respondents still gained more weight after two years of being under the program compared to a person not under a weight loss program. This only proves that dieting doesn’t really work.

5. Diets can help a person lose weight.

Dr. Kausman explains that it’s already been proven that dieting doesn’t really work – more often than not, it often results to weight gain and even worse, to an eating disorder. He said that people should stop thinking of weight as their goal and start thinking about being healthy and focus more of the process other than the end result instead to make it

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