Do you know that larger food portions may be seen as status symbols? Yes, this really happens, as you can see most people choosing larger food portion as they have the mentality that it can help them boost their social status? Are you one of these people? If you are, then this post has something to share that is worth of your attention.

Let us analyze how food portion can reflect one’s status:

If you will notice in most restaurants, there are two choices that are usually asked to every customer, “Do you like regular plate or the extra large plate?” Obviously, a large plate is capable of accommodating more foods when compared to the small ones, which require a customer to shell out more money for it. What do you think the reason why there are people prefer to choose the large plate over the small plate? Is it because of the extra foods that he will get or the attention that he can get from the people around him?

One reason why large serving is very popular today is because people tend to believe that paying additional money for these extra size food servings can boost their social status. As you can see, people will think that you are wealthy if you are eating buffet meals in a fancy restaurant. While average individuals will choose to eat the regular meals, people who want to impress others will definitely go for the extra food servings in their plates.

However, even if you have the money to afford extra large foods servings, one thing that you must be aware of are the health risk that these things bring. If you have the desired weight to achieve, availing the large food portions will not be good for you. Needless to say, everything that comes in excess is bad for your health.

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