Are you well informed about the freshman fifteen and how to lose it effectively? While it will not be surprising if this is the first time you heard the term ‘freshman fifteen,’ it does not mean that you should be less interested with it. If you have kids who are incoming freshmen, then the information we are about to provide will definitely be a big help for you.

According to some studies, the average weight gain of every freshman is about 5 pounds and not 15, which others keep on believing. However, these numbers are not easy to follow or maintain, given the nature of most teen agers today.

In order to lose the freshman fifteen, we have prepared some of the essential tips on how to lose these excess weights effectively:

  • One must be smart while inside a cafeteria or snack bar. He must pick the foods that are healthy and do not contain too much calories or sugar.
  • Prioritize healthy foods whenever you are doing your grocery chore. Buy and store foods that are good for the health of your kids and not those items that they usually want to eat such as fast foods, junk foods, and other zero nutrient foods.
  • A freshman must pack a healthy snack that he will eat in his school. This is essential to do especially these days when some schools are failing to provide their students healthy and nutritious meals in their canteens.
  • Stay away from liquors. While freshman is not yet allowed to drink alcohol, this is the time that one student is exposed to different social events wherein liquor are abundant.
  • Divert your attention to other things instead of eating in fast food restaurants. This will not only help you prevent eating unhealthy foods, this will also help you save more money.

By just adhering to the suggestions we have enumerated here, losing that freshman fifteen will no longer worry or cause any concern.

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