Sodium IntakeIf you are serious in maintaining a fit and healthy body, there are several things that you must keep in mind at any given time. One of these is that everyday foods add up to major salt problems. Yes, you need to pay attention on your salt intake, since too much sodium in your body will result to various implications.

According to one study, most Americans fail in monitoring their sodium intake since most of the foods they eat are high in salt contents such as poultry, bread, pasta, and cheese.

Here are some of the negative effects of too much sodium intake:

  • Kidney disease. This body organ is the responsible to the maintenance of the sodium level inside your body. Once you fail to follow the right amount of sodium to take, this will force your kidney to fail its function, which will Sodium Intake1result to sodium backlog in the bloodstream.
  • Edema. This is the swelling when our kidney is overworked and is no longer capable of removing sodium out of our body. The edema also makes it hard for the fluid to circulate inside our body.
  • Heart disease. One factor that can trigger heart illness is too much salt intake. Eating foods that are high in sodium will make the function of your heart much difficult. The strain and the too much fluid in the bloodstream make the pumping task of your heart extremely difficult, which could lead to malfunction or heart failure.

After providing you the negative effects of too much sodium intake, the next step that you need to do is to know the right amount that you should supply your body. According to the centers for Disease Control, you must maintain the salt intake under 2,300mg each day. By following this instruction, you will be spared from the harmful effects that have been enumerated here.

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