PopcornYou may have heard a ton of things about antioxidants nowadays. How it can help the body by fighting all those free radicals that cause different types of diseases…. Now if you want to be healthy, don’t forget to eat your fruits, veggies… and popcorn!? Do you know that a serving of popcorn contains more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables? You read it right!

We may never look at it the same way again, as there are many benefits with eating popcorn than being just a fun snack.

Because of its benefits and being a good source of antioxidants, every person requires a daily intake of whole-grain. Popcorn is one good example of an unprocessed whole-grain food that contains an antioxidant called polyphenols. And one serving of popcorn can already provide the body 70 percent of that recommended daily intake which is double the amount than what fruits and vegetables can give. In addition, even those pesky hulls that are usually stuck in your teeth when eating popcorn are Popcorn1proven to have the highest polyphenols content and not only that because it is very high in fiber.

But despite all these good facts about popcorn, its potency will also depend on how it is prepared. Especially nowadays when popcorn is more enjoyed with added salt, butter or different artificial flavorings, this will mean more harm than good. And popcorn still is a calorie source. Microwavable popcorn that you can buy in the supermarket, for example, contains too much fat doubling its calorie content as opposed to popcorn that is manually prepared at home using a little or olive oil.

Fruits and vegetables are still important to us, because as healthy as it is, popcorn is still not a complete food. It still lacks vitamins and nutrients that can only be provided by eating fruits and vegetables. But it is good to know that you can definitely benefit from watching a movie at home this weekend, with a bucket full of hot and freshly popped – popcorn.

Chocolate AddictionDoes chocolate addiction exist? Well, if this will be asked to our fellowmen, I think a lot of us will say YES! Since our childhood, chocolate has been part of our lives. It gives a pleasure that cannot be provided by any other kind of foods. It gives the happiness that can swipe away problems even for just a short period of time.

What is chocolate addiction, then? This is the frequent craving for chocolate than the usual. More often than not, it is the women who are becoming “chocoholics,” as what they call themselves.  The urge to eat chocolate is not really an actual hunger, it is more of a state of mind since chocolate provides a sudden well-being feeling.

One thing to take note of is about Serotonin—the component that is rChocolate Addiction1eleased whenever we eat food high in sweets and high in calorie. The serotonin is the one that gives the happy feeling in just an instant. This explains why a lot of people are craving for sweet foods such as chocolates. This kind of food serves as the outlet for the down time that they have.

People who tend to eat more chocolate are seen to be moody than the others who do not. Also, it was noted by the experts that people proclaiming that they are “chocolate addicts” tend to salivate more and tend to have abnormal eating habits and unusual behaviors.

We can say that chocolate addiction is indeed just a product of our active minds. If you can control yourself from stress eating, “chocolate addiction” can be avoided as well. It is just a matter of self discipline. There are a lot of other things that can serve as our emotional outlet.

Are you one of the self-proclaimed chocolate addicts? If yes, then you must start thinking twice now. Keep in mind that the short-term happiness that chocolates can provide might have a long-run adverse effect on our health.