HealthHave you heard the news that United States throwing the book at unhealthy drinks? Do you know what it means in the health of the young generation of America? Yes, you are right. America is showing some positive signs that it is making a huge improvement in improving their health. It also shows that America is ready to take the challenge of changing the common impression to them as failure when it comes to their diet. As it shows, America is starting the changes in their youth.

If you will observe most schools in America, you will see that there is only 1/3 of the population of the high school students who have access to sweet foods and beverages. There is the study that has been performed which shows America’s schools are putting a conscious and collective effort in teaching their students to stay away from drinking unhealthy beverages such as drinking soda.

Health1The result of the study has been published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine on its July issue, which is met by mixed reactions from parents and students.

One reason behind the campaign to ban the sweet drinks inside the schools is to curve down the figures of the kids that are affected by obesity. According to the latest survey, the Americans are leading the list of the people who are severely affected by this weight disorder. This is not surprising given the kind of lifestyle and eating habits of most Americans today.

By banning the entry of sugary drinks inside school campus, young kids will be taught the importance of watching their diet by staying away on foods that are not healthy for them. This campaign that has been implemented in most U.S. schools is getting lots of attention and recognition that it truly deserves.

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